Your Mirrors are Probably Wrong

November 7, 2017

Check Your Mirrors!

Have you ever started to change lanes only to have to jerk back because there was a car there that you had never seen? Cars have a bigger blind spot than most people realize. And don’t get me started on tractor trailers.

But part of the reason that people on the interstates especially seem to change lanes on people is because they don’t adjust their mirrors properly. It seems quite basic, but it’s done wrong more than it’s done correctly. Most people adjust their mirror so that they can look down the side of their own vehicle. And this is very handy if they’re backing into a garage or trying to see how close they are to a car in a parking lot. 

However, when traveling, you should adjust your mirrors out so that you cannot see the side of your own car. It would be good if you can make the interior of your mirror show the white dashes that separate you from the lane next to you. This will allow you to see if that other lane is occupied before you move over.   

Some of the newer models even have a setting that allows the mirrors to change and bring themselves in and downward to assist in parking and then reset themselves.

Some popular vehicles such as Dodge Chargers and Toyota FJ cruiser’s, are known for having significant blind spots. And for those cars especially, a bubble type convex mirror should be added to the upper right corner of the outside mirror of each side. This will allow a better view of each side lane. It doesn’t hurt to have these on other vehicles but in most cases, they are not absolutely necessary.

Now on to the rearview mirror. It should go without saying but it is not designed to be pointed at you for you to check your hairstyle. You really should be able to see cars coming up on you from behind. Technology has now created cameras that mount behind your rearview mirror facing forward to be used for dash cams. But more important for safety, there are now replacement rearview mirrors that mount over the top of your rearview mirror and have imbedded TV screens that contain a backup camera mounted in the rear. This assists you in parking lot situations or backing into your garage better than mirrors ever could. 

Drive safely. 

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