Workers Comp Insurance Company Wins Big

March 20, 2005
Workers Comp Insurance Company Wins Big

Any Tennessee worker hurt on the job after July 1, 2004 has had his or her benefits slashed.

Also, less and less lawyers are even taking workers compensation cases.

Also, fewer and fewer doctors are accepting workers compensation patients.

So, is there any good news out there?

Yes, there is! The workers compensation insurance companies are doing great. The average savings in just the FIRST year is already about 20% PER WORKER!

That means that the injured hard working citizens in Tennessee who are the least able to bear the loss have had made the insurance industry millions more in profits for their shareholders.

But, it gets better.

The insurance industry in Tennessee not only is paying out about 20% less per claim so far since July, 2004, but it just raised rates 4% on the employers, shops, factories and grocery stores that pay already very high rates.

Lawyers like me that still do workers compensation cases know first hand what these cuts have meant to my injured clients. Be sure not to settle your workers comp case without at least a free review of the offer. Sometimes we can make a big difference for you.

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