Woman Sues Over Bigfoot (Really!)

March 22, 2018

Did She Spot Bigfoot?

In case the recent basketball results have not been weird enough for you, there’s always California. (where else?)

There resides a woman who has done what others can only dream about: she’s seen Bigfoot. Honest, she says. She swears she has actually seen one–and even seen one twice! What are the odds?

But she is suing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife because–shockingly—they do not believe her! She wants the state to formally recognize Bigfoot as a real species. California investigated her claims.

But California said she simply saw a bear.

She claimed that her daughters have seen bears; and were not scared by bears.

California still said she saw a bear.

She contended that she had even seen one before, so she knew what a Sasquatch looked like.

California still said she saw a bear.

She apparently has even taken a Bigfoot Trek in Washington with her then-husband.

California still said she just saw a bear.

She even made a plaster mold of a footprint of a Bigfoot she said she saw.

California still said she only saw a bear.

She even shot a brief video of one this time.

California even watched her video. And still said she saw a bear.

She explained following a sighting, “I realized at that point, looking at the creature, that there’s so much of life that we don’t know. Life is so beautiful, and I’m wasting my years,” she explained, “I lost 125 pounds and decided to get a divorce . . . It motivated me to chase my dreams and live my life.”

California still said she just saw a bear.

“They’re supposed to be there to protect the public. They’re not doing their jobs,” she was widely quoted as saying, “If I can save one life, it will be worth it.”

Can’t make this stuff up.

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