When They Have No Insurance

August 28, 2018
No Insurance

Protect Yourself Against Drivers With No Insurance

Despite recent laws in Tennessee, uninsured driving is still actually very common.

It is my experience that uninsured drivers tend to cause more accidents. Their cars tend to be in worse shape, and they tend to drive in more dangerous areas. They are more likely than the average driver not to have a current driver’s license.

For law-abiding citizens, it is hard to understand the mindset that some people have. For some, a driver’s license or an insurance card is just a piece of paper. But as long as they have a key, they will drive.

I was recently speaking with a lady who had been in three accidents in her times driving in Memphis. All three were the other person’s fault. And, you guessed it, all three had no insurance.

This is why you need to check your policy right now and make sure that you have sufficient amounts of uninsured motorist coverage. I would suggest at least a six figure number and an umbrella if you can afford it.

Of those that have insurance at all, most only carry the state minimum of $25,000. That limit has not been raised since 1977. That’s 41 years ago!!

It’s been my experience that prices, especially health care costs, have gone up significantly.

I know what you are thinking. “You mean I would have to sue my own insurance company?”

Possibly, but it does not count against you like it at-fault accident.

I have had people tell me they let a case go years ago because they feared making a claim on their own UM insurance. They were so injured they would’ve recovered $100,000 but they were afraid their rates would go up. They were mistaken.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can cover it at least the following scenarios depending on the facts:

  1. An unknown car sideswipes you off the road and never stops.
  2. A stolen car runs a stop sign hitting you. There’s insurance in that car but they won’t pay since the car was stolen.
  3. A car without any coverage runs a light and hits your young son while he is a pedestrian walking in the crosswalk.
  4. That same son is riding home later with his best friend who hits a tree. The friend had no coverage.
  5. A car crosses the line and hits you head on. He only has $25,000 limits but you have access to another $75,000 because you carried $100,000 UM/UIM —- because David Peel told you to.

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