What If You Have No Heirs?

February 19, 2019

Planning Your Estate Without Heirs

Accidents happen. I see it every day. Planning for our own passing is not fun, but needful.

You can write a will leaving your property to pretty well anyone you wish…children, grandkids, etc.

But what if you don’t have any heirs?

What if you outlived all the people that you would normally bless with your estate?

Or maybe family ties have become too strained to maintain?

I am getting contacted more and more, usually by ladies who have outlived their relatives. One asked me, “Who will even know when I die?”

It was an awful thought that anyone feels that alone.

But there are options.

One nice lady bequeathed her estate to a ministry, and the staff became her friends. In fact, the CEO of the ministry himself preached her funeral.

Ultimately, if you die without a will, your estate will likely wind up in the hands of a distant relative you may or may not have ever known.

If there really are no heirs at all, your estate goes to the state

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