Uninsured Driver Hits Me?

March 18, 2019
uninsured driver

What happens if the guy who hit me is Uninsured?

Odds are, the at fault driver in Tennessee who hits you is either totally Uninsured or woefully Under-insured.

Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas are all well-known for high rates of driving Uninsured. To compound the problem, Tennessee set just $25,000 as a minimum limit of liability way back in 1977.

Nearly one in eight U.S. motorists is driving around uninsured according to a study directed by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) and co-sponsored by The Hanover Insurance Group.

So what happens? 

The uninsured driver who is at fault in an accident cannot often pay, as they usually lack assets.

Your own Uninsured Motorists (UM) Coverage effectively becomes THEIR liability insurance. This is also true when an underinsured driver may not have high enough policy limits to cover all costs of damage.

To pursue a case, your claim is still made against the at fault driver. However, your UM insurance becomes his advocate against you, just as if it was his liability all along.

Ultimately they pay any settlement the UM agrees to, or any verdict that is issued.

So what happens to the at fault driver who had no coverage?

Your UM will often then sue them for subrogation to try and recover their costs of settling with you. Usually they get nothing, because if they had money they’d usually carry insurance.

The moral to the story? 

Carry so much Uninsured Motorists Coverage that you don’t even care if the at fault motorist ever even stops!

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