May 9, 2017
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Understanding Our Supreme Court Makeup

Whatever your opinion on President Trump, it is clear that he will be changing the face of the U.S. Supreme Court for generations to come.

Justice Neil Gorsuch was recently sworn in and became the 113th person to serve on the highest U.S. court. He replaces Justice Scalia who died earlier this year.

This could have immediate ramifications as the court is again balanced with four conservatives, four liberals and Justice Anthony Kennedy as the sometimes swing vote.

Even though this Justice had flown through prior confirmation hearings without a problem from liberal democrats, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had to invoke the so-called “nuclear option” to get around a filibuster by Democrats. This reduces the number of votes needed to confirm from 60, down to 50.

Recent public appearances of liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg have caused many to wonder out loud if she remains fit to serve. The positions are lifetime appointments, but justices sometimes retire.

A brief look at the ages of the Justices seem to insure Trump will appoint more:

Anthony Kennedy Age: 80 yr 8 mo
Clarence Thomas Age: 68 yr 9 mo
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Age: 84 yr 0 mo
Stephen Breyer Age: 78 yr 7 mo
John G. Roberts Age: 62 yr 2 mo
Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Age: 67 yr 0 mo
Sonia Sotomayor Age: 62 yr 9 mo
Elena Kagan Age: 56 yr11 mo
Neil McGill Gorsuch Age: 49 yr 7 mo

A 5-4 Majority for Conservatives may well increase support for Pro-Life causes by revisiting Roe v. Wade.

Either way, the Supreme Court must one day answer to the Creator Judge who created all life.

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