Types of Lawyers

June 13, 2018

Make Sure You are Using the Right Lawyers

Much like the medical profession, the legal profession is allocated into lawyers who focus on certain type of legal matters. The way I would define the basic types include the following:

Plaintiff injury attorneys that do the things that I do:

  • Personal injury lawyer. …
  • Trucking attorney
  • Medical malpractice attorney
  • Worker’s compensation attorney
  • Product liability lawyer

There are insurance defense lawyers on the other side of these we personal injury lawyers go up against all the time

Social Security disability attorney. This can include SSDI or SSI or both.

Criminal defense lawyers oppose charges brought by the district attorneys who are also called prosecutors.

Estate planning lawyer drafts wills, handles estates and is often involved in trust.

Bankruptcy lawyer takes someone through a chapter of bankruptcy for protection from the creditors

Intellectual property lawyer deals with the interest of industry and entertainment through the filing and research of patents trademarks and copyrights.

Employment lawyer, again they’ll be two sides of this but every time there is an EEOC claim for discrimination or violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act or some type of workplace dispute these lawyers will be involved on both sides.

Family law lawyers include those who are often referred to as the divorce lawyers, deal with child custody alimony child-support adoption and those related disputes.

Real estate lawyers most often are transactional lawyers who assist in real estate closings and title searches. They can also include those who may litigate cases regarding disputed property lines or easements or divisions to property.

Corporate or in-house lawyer These lawyers are on staff or serve as general counsel for a company. In effect, they have only one client and oversee the legal interests for that company often focusing on contracts and leases.

Immigration lawyer is pretty self-explanatory.

Consumer lawyers would usually represent people in small claims court who are disputing things like warranties, leases, and bad car repairs.

Nonprofit lawyer often assist with advocating for change as to policies or assisting in some area of particular need.

Environmental lawyer deal with issues including the EPA and toxic spills etc.

Finally, there are tax lawyers.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, this should help to illustrate why your brother-in-law’s friend who’s a lawyer may not be able to handle the particular issue you have. Much like doctors, lawyers continue to put themselves in to subspecialties of sorts.

Mr. Peel seeks justice for those injured in motorcycle, truck and car accidents, disability and medical malpractice. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through PeelLawFirm.com wherein other articles may be accessed.

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