TN Universities Are No Longer Gun Free Zones

October 3, 2015
TN Universities Are No Longer Gun Free Zones

Effective July 1, 2016 full-time faculty, staff and other employees of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits became legally able to carry their guns on campus. This had previously been forbidden.

It is not the wild, wild West however. Students are still not permitted to go armed on campus, regardless of whether or not they are permit-holders.

However, the colleges can no longer penalize students and employees with permits for storing a gun in their parked vehicles on campus.

Additionally, campus security or local police must be notified as to who is carrying. It is vital that the deranged shooter, that we all fear, never know who might be carrying. So in an act of wisdom, sometimes rare for our elected officials, they do require that any person caring a handgun on the university campus keep it concealed.

It seems that folks are finally recognizing that virtually all mass shootings occur in gun free zones, like schools, recruiting stations and movie theaters.

Why do we guard our banks’ money with armed men, but not our children?

Which is more valuable?

Unfortunately, the news does not report mass shootings that are stopped after only one or two casualties by an armed citizen. They do not see it as newsworthy I suppose. As a result of this lack of reporting, folks frequently assume that these heroes cannot successfully prevent mass casualties. In fact, they do, it’s just that no one hears much about it.

It seems to me to be hypocritical of someone to want guns banned in a location–but then insist that the police are armed when they come to rescue them. A trained person with a gun could already be there and stop or at least slow any deranged gunman.

A grieving father of a son killed in Orlando reportedly stated, “The killer was armed and his helpless victims were not, yet the anti-gun politicians still want to disarm the populace, enabling these scenarios. It is likely such attacks will continue, until the victims start shooting back. That’s the lesson I take from this, for what it’s worth. When the shooting started Saturday night, I’ll bet there wasn’t a person in the club who wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world, for a loaded gun.”

Tennessee got this one right.

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