Tips For Success

November 21, 2017

Valuing Success

It is often said there are no shortcuts to success. I agree that one cannot shortcut hard work.

But, there are simple strategies that can make a real difference in our success. And they start between our ears.

  1. Replace “I don’t know how” with “I’m going to learn how.”
  2. Replace “I don’t know what they’ll say” with “The worst they can say is no.”
  3. Replace “I cannot afford to” with “How am I going to afford?”
  4. Replace “I have never done this before” with “I will find someone who knows how.”
  5. Replace “It probably won’t work” with “Better to have strived than cried.”
  6. Replace “I can’t catch a break” with “I can make a break.”
  7. Replace “things just happen to me” with “I happen to things.”
  8. Replace “There is just no way” with “I will find a way.”

In general people will pay attention to what they value. People say they don’t have time to do things, but they never miss their favorite TV program. It’s just a matter of priorities. If you pretend that your goal is necessary, for example, in order for your child to get a liver transplant, you’ll find a new level of commitment.

It starts between our ears. For believers, it starts on our knees.

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