The Old Ways

April 27, 2017
Old Ways

Old Ways Become New

It strikes me that today consumers feel very modern but are actually just re-creating what existed 100 years ago.

Let’s take exercise for example. The modern consumer will pay $20 a month to join a club that is filled with machines. They will drive their 5000-pound fuel-burning car to that gym, then they will circle looking for a close parking space. Why? Because they don’t want to walk too far going in.

After paying for the gas in the vehicle to get them there and then paying the fees for the gym, they will then get in their expensive workout clothes and do the same exact motions that people did 100 years ago doing work around their farm. Now of course they did that work and made money as a result. If they were carrying a beam around they were probably fixing a fence to keep in their valuable livestock. Or if they were flipping a tractor tire over it was probably to mount up on a tractor that helps them cultivate the fields and create produce both to eat and to sell.

But all that human work and calorie burning doesn’t even power the lights or the TV in the gym. It’s all wasted. Then, talking about what to eat, we have the recent rise of the organic food. Organic foods have been around for a really long time before pesticides and herbicides were used.

People pay almost twice as much sometimes to simply buy something grown in the old way. When your granddaddy planted his garden every year, he went and got a lot of “barnyard” which was horse hay and horse manure and spread it around the garden. I think everything grew very well and that was organic. (It smelled organic too!)

Now it’s a trend to downsize and live in a very small home. It’s a trend to do crafts, like making soaps and candles with your own hands and to value nice things made with care rather than mass-produced garbage from China.

In bigger cities, hipsters are now riding bicycles again and I’m sure it won’t be long until they’re riding horses. It’s just odd to me how the old ways have again become the new ways, except they are a lot more expensive this way.

It proves the old saying correct “everything old is new again.”

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