Ten Christmas Facts

December 8, 2015
Ten Christmas Facts

“Christ–Mass,” that we now call “Christmas,” is the birthday of a man like none other, Jesus, the God-Man. Consider just these ten facts about his life:

1. Predictions 700 years before. Isaiah 7-9 specifically predicted his most unusual birth and life in a very detailed manner. Other prophecies He fulfilled number over 400.

2. Angels announced the birth. Luke 2 tells how weather-hardened shepherds were terrified by the Angelic announcement. An unusual birth.

3. A virgin conceived. Something that has never happened before or since, but was predicted in Genesis 3:15, and throughout the Old Testament as in Isaiah 7:14.

4. Wisemen followed the star. Ancient prophecies like Number 24:17 predicted that a “star” would come out of Israel, from Bethlehem, and the wise men from the East found the child in a home, sometime after the time of the manger.

5. Daniel’s prophecies calculated the timing. 400 years earlier while Daniel was in Babylonian captivity, he had visions in Daniel 7 and 9 that allowed the calculation of the exact time to look for the star.

6. Jesus claimed to be God’s Son. See John 14:7. A claim like this has three answers. He was a lunatic, He was a liar, or He is the Lord. He was eventually tortured and died for saying this very thing.

7. His friends closest to Him saw His Divinity. When you live and travel with someone for three years, you get to know them. Those closest to Him, during His ministry, even doubters like Thomas, believed to the point of being martyred. See John 20:28. Seldom will one die for the truth, but never will man knowingly die for a lie.

8. Jesus enemies accused Him. See John 10:33. Even though they saw His miracles, they were outraged that Jesus would call them hypocrites and claim that He was one with God, something that they called “blasphemy.”

9. His miracles supported His claims. He raised the dead, walked on water, and healed the blind and the lame. See John 20:30. Some of those healed had lived with their disability from birth, so it was impossible to deny the healings.

10. His resurrection is entirely unique. While many other men have claimed to be divine, none other have claimed to have died, and now forever alive. He appeared to more than 500 people over a 40-day period. See 1Corinthians 15:5-8.

Wise men still seek Him.

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