Do You Know Your States Statutes Of Limitations?

October 29, 2018
Statutes of Limitations

Has Your Statutes Of Limitations Expired?

You have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit regarding any injury caused by another. If the case does not settle, a suit must be filed on or before the date that the statute of limitations runs.

Statutes of Limitations are an absolute bar to lawsuits. It is important to understand that in an injury matter, if you miss a statute of limitations—it is not that you get less—it is that you get nothing.

That said, Statutes of limitations do not run against Minors or the legally incompetent in the same way. Also, there are sometimes rules regarding when a medical malpractice act is discovered and there are further limitations on the maximum amount of time that can run, along with things like statutes of repose. Therefore, you always want to get competent legal advice early on in your situation.

Only a general outline of these limitations is provided. Notice how much they vary and how Tennessee is so restrictive. This actually leads to unneeded filing of suits that might well have resolved in year two.

Bodily Injury 2 years
Med Mal. 2 years

Bodily Injury 3 years
Med Mal. 2 years

Bodily Injury 2 years
Med Mal. 2 years from discovery

Bodily Injury 3 years
Med Mal. 2 years from discovery

Bodily Injury 1 year
Med Mal. 1 year from discovery

As always, the smartest move is to talk with an injury lawyer who shares your values and who is experienced in your matter to make sure that you know any risks that you’re taking.

I have seen unscrupulous insurance companies string people out till the statute of limitations has run and then just stop returning their calls. The injured person sometimes assumes that—as long as they’re talking with the insurance company and there’s a claim open—that they’re protected.

They are not.

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