Seven Homeowner Steps To Do This Month

January 4, 2016
Seven Homeowner Steps To Do This Month

As a local injury attorney, I love to be helpful to folks. Here are a few things you can do to make your life just a little better:

1. Replace/Service the Home Items you always forget. These include smoke alarm batteries, air filters, and cleaning out the dryer vent. Then just use your phone’s calendar to schedule all these reoccurring items and you will never forget again. (Enter in the sizes of the filters so you can buy them easily).

2. Hide a Key for your home. It is so frustrating to be locked out. Hide a key with a trusted neighbor or under a brick out back. (Do not use the front doormat, as it’s too obvious for thieves).

3. Call About Bills. Cell phone, internet, cable and satellite companies are competitive about pricing when it comes to new customers. Check on their deals for new customers and call them, asking for a similar deal. If they don’t bite, ask them explain why loyal customers who pay bills are treated worse than new ones, and then just sit quietly. Usually works. Costs nothing to try.

4. Get your Wills and Powers of Attorney written. Death is the one thing you can plan for. Why not plan your wishes? Also, if you do not create Powers of Attorney while you are still competent, it will be too late when they are “needed.”

5. Pay Off Debt. If you are carrying credit card consumer debt, it can hang around for years like Aunt Betty’s fruitcake. Grab the lowest balance first and get rid of it. You will like how it feels, and you might just get on a roll.

6. Check your house/land for hazards. Are there rotten trees overhanging your driveway? They kill people every year. Do you have a good fence around your pool? Is your dog dangerous and properly secured? Are your steps solid, and stair railings tight? Are there hard to see holes in your yard? Is there plenty of lighting available at night?

7. Videotape Your Stuff. If you suffer losses due to tornado, fire, theft or earthquake (optional coverage) you can easily fill out claim forms by watching the video in the apartment or hotel your insurance company places you in.

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