Saving Gas

March 6, 2018

Making the Most Out of a Gallon of Gas

Your Miles Per Gallon (MPG) directly impacts your wallet. With gas prices expected to rise, you can save money by following these tips: 

  1. Coast to a stop. As soon as you see you may need to stop ahead, take your foot off the gas. The normal driver will accelerate till the very moment it’s time to hit the brakes. Both of those kill MPG. 
  2. Start medium. Not a jackrabbit start, it wastes gas. But not a very slow start either, as lower gears are much less efficient. You want the car in a higher gear sooner, but without a head-snapping launch. 
  3. Plan trips. It’s not sexy, but save errands for one trip from home and back. 
  4. Don’t idle. At idle, your car’s MPG is 0. 
  5. Air up your tires. Tires without that bulging sidewall are much more efficient. 
  6. Unload stuff from your car. That extra weight costs fuel. 
  7. Avoid left turns. Your MPG waiting on left turns is 0. Right turns keep you moving. UPS confirmed this years ago. As a bonus, it’s much safer. 
  8. Use Google Maps or a gas app to find cheaper gas. I see as much as 18 cents a gallon difference within a couple of miles. 
  9. Fill up when you hit a 1/4 tank. This prevents emergencies or going out of your way for gas. 
  10. Use cruise control on the freeway. It helps.

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