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Around the holidays there is a bit of a paradox. Everyone is excited for kids and grandkids to open presents. But it’s also a time where widows miss their husbands.  Grief is a strange process.  Having buried quite a few … Read More


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Brain injuries can result from car crashes where no cut or bruise is on the head.   The violent jerking of a rear-end collision, for example, can imitate the well-known “shaken baby syndrome.” Diagnostic tests typically will not show any changes … Read More

Tax Free Money

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Physical Injury Compensation is one of the only areas of finance that is not taxed.  Proceeds received from most personal injury claims are not taxable under any law—federal or state law. This is because this it is not “income.” Remember … Read More

Insurance offers to settle

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Many times a client will be offered something by an insurance company prior to hiring me. The other day I met with a new client who had been offered $1000.00 pain and suffering for an accident that happened only about … Read More