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Q. Why do keep your office small? A. I am here to build back into my clients’ lives who have been injured. I have never desired to build a big Firm. Q. How can a Christian be a lawyer? A. … Read More

Uninsured Driver Hits Me?

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What happens if the guy who hit me is Uninsured? Odds are, the at fault driver in Tennessee who hits you is either totally Uninsured or woefully Under-insured. Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas are all well-known for high rates of driving … Read More

A City Without Street Signs?

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street signs

The coming wave of autonomous cars, if things go as predicted, will make many drastic changes: But a change that follows this revolution may not come immediately to mind: the extinction of the street sign. Autonomous vehicles have no need … Read More


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Around the holidays there is a bit of a paradox. Everyone is excited for kids and grandkids to open presents. But it’s also a time where widows miss their husbands.  Grief is a strange process.  Having buried quite a few … Read More