Receiving Offers With Limits

Your Millington Offer With Limits Attorney

Receiving an offer from an insurance company can sometimes seem like a victory itself since insurers can be difficult to deal with. However, before you accept an offer or believe you are not entitled to any more compensation, you should consult with a knowledgeable attorney to make sure the offer is fair.

Throughout Tennessee, people come to the Peel Law Firm because we are honest, up-front, fair and experienced. We have a keen understanding of how insurance companies function and how to research policies to find additional compensation you may need. For a free consultation, please contact us today at our Millington office.

Helping Accident Victims, One at a Time

We encourage people who have been offered any type of settlement to come to us for a free review of the terms of the offer before they sign away their legal rights to further pursue their claim. If you do get an offer and believe there is no more insurance to draw on, we can help evaluate if you have maxed out a policy’s coverage and if there is any other policy from which to make an additional claim.

We Will Review Any Settlement Offer You Receive for Free

We can also help you receive a significant reduction from a medical provider when it comes to negotiating a bill for services. In some of these cases, we can put more money in your pocket and have our fees covered through careful negotiation. This can apply to car accidents, medical malpractice matters, and even workers’ compensation in some cases.

Often times, we can also resolve subrogation claims and still put money in people’s pockets. Some people are not aware that they owe money to their health insurance provider after an offer from them has been accepted. This is what is known as subrogation. David Peel’s knowledge of insurance law helps inform clients and can help them achieve maximum compensation for their injuries.

Discuss Your Concerns With a Knowledgeable Attorney Today

Please call Peel Law Firm to discuss concerns about how to recover compensation if you have received an offer of limits. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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