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September 16, 2019
Pro Travel Tips Peel Law Firm Millington

Having been around the world a couple of times, we have found the following tips can make can your trip abroad go much more smoothly when the unexpected occurs.

  • Verify your passport has more than 6 months left from the day you plan to return. If not, renew it on an expedited basis.
  • Verify at the U.S. State Department website if a Visa is required.
  • Take photos with your phone and then also hard copies of each of these and put one set in your carry on and one set in your checked baggage:
    • Copy of your identification (driver license)
    • Copy of your Passport and any Visas
    • Copies of your credit cards.
  • Label your baggage multiple ways and tie a unique color ribbon or tag on it to easily identify it on the conveyor belt when you are in a hurry.
  • Remember you get a carryon and a personal bag, like a purse or backpack.
  • Carry your passport and any cash or wallet in a front pocket or a zipped carrier. Never carry anything of value (phone, wallet, credit cards, etc.) in a rear pocket! Not even for a moment! Most experienced travelers just use front pocket wallets all the time.
  • Do not walk around with your phone in your hand. This is especially true right before subway doors shut, near open bus windows, or in crowds. Folks can snatch these items fast. If you need to really study something on your phone go to a bathroom stall.
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  • For ease at airport security, wear slip-on shoes you can easily remove. Skip the belt.
  • Use TSA PreCheck. You apply online and being pre-approved, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment for a required 10-minute interview and a background check that includes in-person fingerprinting. Upon enrollment, you’ll get a “known traveler number,” which you will need to provide upon booking any airline ticket to be able to use your TSA PreCheck privileges. The precheck line is often empty.
  • Pack at least the following in a carry-on or personal bag, in case your checked luggage goes on a different trip than you:
    • A complete change of clothes appropriate to your destination, including underwear, socks, and footwear.
    • Some emergency cash well hidden away.
    • A small mouthwash (under 3oz in a clear zipper bag).
    • A pen and the number of the place you are staying, and the written numbers (that are in your phone) of all people to call in the event of an emergency.
  • For comfort in air travel, we recommend the following:
    • A plug-in phone charger with International plug accessories
    • A charged phone charger block or extra battery
    • Eyeshades and earbuds or ear phones
    • A Neck pillow
    • Pro-Tip: A Tiny vial of air freshener Is nice if you’re sitting next to someone who is been flying for 37 hours already.
“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

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