Preventing Slip And Fall Injuries

January 10, 2018
slip and fall

Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall accidents are common, but almost always preventable. Each year, these accidents cause thousands of serious injuries and result in numerous liability claims.

The Hartford, for instance, shared with me that in 2016, slip and falls accounted for 32% of their workers’ compensation claims.  Their slip and fall cases under general liability accounted for a full 35% of the 2016 claims.

What can you do to prevent these injuries and claims?

  • Lighting: Make sure that all paths and driveways are well lit. Everything becomes a hazard in the dark or in a shadow.
  • Trips: Roll up hoses, extension cords, and other trip hazards. Pretend guests are pushing a walker to make sure you are thinking correctly.
  • Slips: Treat icy or slippery patches. Drainage from roofs or air units is often a problem. They are often slimy and run across walkways.
  • Holes: Any hole should be covered, marked or filled. Spiral fractures are nasty.
  • Drives: Notice any oily patches and treat with cat litter or absorbing granules. Don’t forget to sweep it up once the oil is absorbed.
  • Steps: Make sure there are no loose boards or bricks and handrails are solid. If something might look or be used like a handrail in the event of a fall, make sure it will hold up.
  • Pets: Put up pets. Pets can trip guests easily, or scare someone into running. Guests can be startled even by well-behaved, friendly puppies.
  • Drop offs: Mark unexpected steps and drop offs with reflective tape or even yellow paint. Even ramps should be marked. Look for sections of different heights on sidewalks and walkways.
  • Parking: Parking lots are to be level, smooth and waterproof. Potholes must be repaired in a timely fashion to prevent worsening. Careful attention can totally prevent them.

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