Power Windows Can Be Deadly

April 17, 2017
Power Windows

Strength of Power Windows

You may never of thought about it, but the motor that causes your power windows to raise is much stronger than it needs to be to do the job. Now there’s a logical reason for this. It has to have the torque to raise and lower even in freezing temperatures where there may be some ice.

A few years ago, the buttons or switches that operated power windows came in a multitude of various designs. Some of them you pushed down to operate while others you pulled backwards to raise the windows. Some of them you raised to lower the windows and so forth.

But tragically, some parents found out that children in a car tended to push down on the armrest of the doors looking out the windows. The reason this is tragic, is that some of these power windows raised by being pushed down. So the child would put his hands or feet on the armrest and would essentially turn that power window into a guillotine. It would raise up and hold the child in place, powerless to understand how to make it go back down.

And again the motor is very robust. And it holds with an amazing amount of force. Other times, this tragedy would happen because a child was looking out the window and a dog or cat in the car would raise the window on them maybe even from another place in the car.

So if you notice, there is no longer the ability to raise the power window by pushing down on the switch. All windows since then have been designed to be operated only by lifting. That way if a child were to stand on that armrest the window would go down and not trap the child by his throat.

Trial lawyers were responsible for holding car manufactures liable for this terrible design. Certainly these things were for seeable and as usual, Auto manufacturers drug their feet in fixing them.

But the reason that your car is not more deadly to your children is thanks to those who will fight the Goliaths of industry on the behalf of the injured victims here at home.

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