Pedestrian Injuries

A pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes, and killed every 2 hours in traffic crashes. 14% of all traffic fatalities in traffic crashes were those on foot. They account for less total crashes, but as expected, crashes prove much more dangerous for pedestrians.

Distracted driving, “phone zombie walking” and alcohol use all seem to contribute to the disturbing trend. Early evening is the most dangerous, accounting for 26% of fatalities among pedestrians, followed closely by 23% from 9 till midnight, and a full 75% happened after dark. Alcohol involvement—for the driver and/or the pedestrian—was reported in a staggering 49% of all fatal pedestrian crashes in 2013.

A concerning, one-fifth of the pedestrians killed in 2013 were struck in crashes that involved hit-and-run drivers. That is another reason why Uninsured Motorists Coverage is vital. It DOES apply to pedestrians. Even your children not old enough to drive.

More occurred at non-intersections (69%) than at intersections (20%) for pedestrian location (10% was other locations such as parking lanes/zones, bicycle lanes, shoulders/roadsides, sidewalks, medians/crossing islands, driveway accesses, shared- use paths/trails, non-traffic-way areas, and other). 

How to stay safer:

  • Cross only at Intersections in the crosswalk;
  • Watch for cars turning right over your right shoulder;
  • Don’t dart across out of group that stops;
  • Don’t walk drunk;
  • Never cross from between parked cars that block views;
  • Don’t walk while looking down at your phone;
  • If there is any doubt, don’t step out!

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