June 13, 2017

The Log Of A Pacemaker

Sometimes a camera catches an accident or a crime. Other times, a text or email reveals a plot. But, in what I believe to be a first, an implanted electronic cardiac pacemaker has lead to criminal charges.

Apparently, the homeowner called 911 reporting a fire, and claiming that he hurriedly grabbed some belongings, packed suitcases, broke his bedroom window, and threw the suitcases out.

Police gathered the data from his pacemaker and had a cardiologist review the heart rate. One might expect to see a marked rise with knowledge of the fire and the harried exertion racing to save a few things.

The cardiac device apparently did not record a rate consistent with his story, in the opinion of the cardiologist. Therefore, the accused now faces two charges of arson and fraud.

This case brings the right to privacy into focus.

Will people pick heath or privacy?

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