Our Brave New World

August 10, 2017
new world

The New World: Bring Your Own Bravery!

We now live in a world where a teenage girl encouraged with many text messages a teenage boy to kill himself and is now going to jail.

We now live in a new world where an electric self-driving car is going to transport your family, but be more complicated and have more lines of computer code than any other machine on the face of the earth.

Our government mandates that we use a lot of the corn that is grown to make ethanol to add to gasoline, which gums up small engines causing us to have to buy more petroleum products to try to keep the gum out.

People who are born males are now claiming to be females despite not having any female parts. Many of the very same people are claiming that human babies in the womb are not human despite having only human parts.

Some members of society think that limiting the ownership of guns is going to save lives. Those same people always seem to want police to show with their guns in the event they are threatened. Welcome to our brave new world.

It seems the most intolerant people are the folks who claim to be tolerant. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

In the 1940s, 19-year-olds climbed cliffs under enemy fire to help preserve western civilization. Some 19-year-old college students these days claim they need to be a safe place to protect them from being offended.

It is said that our society now is miles wide but only an inch deep.

I don’t know what all the future holds, but I know the One who holds the future.

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