New Tennessee Gun Law

September 23, 2014
New Tennessee Gun Control

As of July 1, 2014, any Tennessean can keep a loaded handgun, shotgun or rifle in a car or truck you legally possess. The only requirement is that you are legally able to possess a gun under state and federal law.

You still cannot carry it on your body if you don’t have a state-issued handgun-carry permit, however. Handgun-carry permit applicants undergo stringent criminal background checks, must pass mandatory gun-safety training, and are issued a nifty little card to carry.

The law won’t allow those without carry permits to keep their loaded firearms in vehicles where parking lots are “posted against guns.” We will see more of those “gun-free zone” signs soon, I am sure. Criminals prefer unarmed victims in gun free zones, but the bad guys seem to entirely ignore the pesky laws we follow, making them what we call: “criminals.”

As you might expect, some law enforcement were in favor, while others opposed this change in the law. Many of those favoring it looked at Texas, where loaded long guns have been allowed for years, without a bloodbath.

Some of those opposing it seem to point to the idea that some criminals would be “allowed to have guns” and thus might do bad things. This seems like a better argument in favor of arming the innocent, since bad guys are armed either way.

However, if you get pulled over at night, turn on your dome light and grab the steering wheel. Put the police at ease. They do not know you.

This law might save some lives, but I fear for the driver that looks to cop like “he is going for a gun.” Be careful.

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