New Laws For 2014

July 3, 2014
New Laws For 2014

As an accident and injury lawyer, I keep up with new laws that relate to my personal injury and death cases. However, some new laws get noticed for their sheer oddity. Here are some of the new 2014 laws, out of over 40,000, that someone, somewhere felt were very important to pass.

Rocky mountain high?: Apparently, people are too responsible in Colorado, so now those slackers and losers 21 or older can purchase an ounce of marijuana from stores legally. Snack food sales are also expected to skyrocket.

Bad news for pasty white young ladies in Chicago: Indoor tanning sessions are now illegal in Illinois for anyone under 18.

Boy? Girl? Other?: In (where else?) California, public school students can now participate in school sports programs and use school bathrooms “consistent with their gender identity.” I am unsure if that can change within each day, week or month?

They had to have a rule?: New mothers in Oregon, can finally take their placentas home from the hospital. Believe it not, there are supposedly reported health benefits from consuming them? Yuck.

Jaws is finally safe: Sale, possession or distribution of shark fins prohibited in Delaware.

Electric cars are supposed to save money?: Colorado has a new $50 fee for those new-fangled plug-in electric cars. It is annual. I imagine it will rise.

Gun control hysteria: The horrible Newtown school shooting took place in a gun-free zone. School shootings elsewhere have been successfully stopped by armed adults. Thus, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. So, Connecticut will now mandate registration of all the good guys’ assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, which will have absolutely no affect whatever on crime or shootings. Bad guys tend not to register them and also are okay with breaking the law, or they would not murder innocent people. See, that’s already illegal pretty much everywhere

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