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Security is more important than ever—and, too often, it’s overlooked by the brands, businesses and local leaders. The end result? Avoidable injuries, illnesses and even death, with victims and families left to work through the expense and the anguish.

Not only is enhanced security an increasingly critical necessity, it’s also essential from a liability perspective. Inadequate security can lead to not only unthinkable harm but, also, extensive and costly legal action from victims and their families—victims and families like you who should have been protected or, at the very least, should have expected a basic level of safety and security when they entered the venue.

If YOU’VE Been a Victim of Security Negligence…

If you or a loved one has been a victim of violent crime, security negligence or lacking safety measures, get in touch. Our expert team can review the unique circumstances surrounding your case and determine next steps, including whether or not you have a case against a business, venue or organizer. While we can’t change what happened, we can help you take action and get the resources and funding you need to help cover often sky-high expenses, while helping you and your family move forward.  

Don’t suffer alone and don’t blame yourself for another person’s negligence. Businesses are responsible for securing their spaces. When they don’t, they can and should be held liable for the injuries, illnesses and other lasting impact of their inadequate security. Contact a security claims attorney to learn more and review your case.

What Negligent Security Looks Like

While no two cases are the same, our legal team can quickly review and assess whether a business or venue lacks or lacked proper security. If an accident or incident could have been prevented with a reasonable level of enhanced security, it’s likely the business or space is at fault, and liable for injuries and other issues that resulted. Get in touch to learn more and to review your security measures and/or your negligence case.

If YOU’VE Been a Victim of Security Negligence…

  • Poorly-trained or mismanaged security guards
  • Defective alarm systems
  • Improper gun or weapon control/screening
  • Broken metal detectors
  • Unlocked entrances and exits
  • Malfunctioning security cameras
  • Busted locks and handles
  • Overlooking or ignoring security warnings
  • Low or inadequate lighting
  • Lax safety measures or features
  • Lack of basic safety and security

and more…

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