Neck Pain Secret

July 22, 2019
Neck Pain Secret David Peel

Injury Lawyer Shares Neck Pain Secret

Many of my clients after their accident wake up the next morning, unable to look to the left or the right. Neck pain is the most common complaint following an accident regardless of the mechanics of the impact. Previously called “whiplash” it is now known as “cervical strain.”

But it doesn’t even take a collision with a 4000 pound car to cause such a problem. Even sleeping wrong or on a really tall pillow can cause a stiff neck. And these issues seem to only get worse as we age.

One Simple Treatment

In over 23 years of injury cases, I have seen one simple treatment that you can do that will often help. And that is a trigger point release. Now this is not truly a “secret.”

Physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons and others know all about trigger points. But many folks don’t, and I want them to understand how they can get some relief. And I always want to bless my clients in any way I can.

Now you don’t have to have any medical knowledge to actually do a trigger point release. It’s as simple as find and then push. Some stronger people have to be careful not to push too hard. Likewise, someone without a lot of arm strength may need to use their elbow rather than their thumb to get the needed pressure.

It’s true—pushing down on a knot in one spot can relieve the tension in another place! At first it may feel almost mystical because the two would not seem to be related. This is known as “referred pain.”

But as any trigger point diagram shows, the muscles that move the neck run down both sides of the spine. And therefore, a trigger point way down between the shoulder blade and the spine is actually where the trigger point tends to develop.

While I do not claim any medical knowledge beyond that of an experienced injury attorney, I have had hundreds of clients find some relief at least for a while by simply pushing on that trigger point until it releases.

This may hurt a little

Now it is painful. For about 20 to 30 seconds it can take your breath, and sometimes the arm on that side will even go numb. It’s really crazy. But if you can sustain until the trigger point releases, almost always you can turn your head another 30°.

Once you get a feel for where your trigger points develop, they become much easier to find. If your neck has been stiff for months, that spot may even be hypersensitive to a minor touch, almost like sunburned skin.

When I touch someone’s trigger points they often feel like hard marbles in a little string. Push on the hardest one first and hold it in—don’t rub it—until you feel it flex a few times, and it will release. Often times then the ones on the top or bottom of that will flex up a little bit and they’ll have to be released. The whole process should take one to three minutes and the relief is immediate.

If you have this done be sure to drink plenty of water because you’re releasing a lot of lactic acid into your system from tense muscles.

Please feel free to share these tips with those who are experiencing a stiff and painful neck.

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