Medication Errors

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When Medicine Makes You Sick — Millington Area Lawyers Help

When the very medicine that you are taking to get well makes you sick, the Peel Law Firm will be there to help you. Medication errors are growing increasingly common as health providers are pressured to provide ever more efficient care to patients.

Since 2000, our Millington law office has handled a significant number of cases throughout the Millington area that have involved people suffering serious illness or even wrongful death due to receiving the wrong prescription. The medicines that are prepared today are very concentrated and even a small dose can be an overdose that can permanently injure or kill someone if taken mistakenly.

When Doctors Are Not Aware

A doctor or a pharmacist needs to be aware of the issues of prescribing various kinds of prescriptions together. Serious problems may occur if the wrong medications are mixed. Because new drugs keep coming on the market, some doctors and pharmacists may have a difficult time keeping current on the effects when certain drugs are mixed.

In rural areas, where there is a lack of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians are often filling your prescription orders. They lack the schooling of pharmacists and may be less knowledgeable to the effects of combining certain drugs in the body.

In a recent case our attorney handled, an elderly woman was given someone else's medication. It was found in her purse after her death in the emergency room. That particular type of medication had been proven to be fatal if given incorrectly.

Honor Your Loved One and Prevent the Mistake From Happening Again

Our law office represents families who have lost loved ones or whose loved ones have gotten seriously ill as a result of pharmaceutical errors. Making a hospital or pharmacy chain pay damages creates an incentive for them to ensure the proper handling of medication.

How Do We Work Out Settlements?

We take a look at the needs of the person who has been harmed, then we seek to tailor a settlement through a trust or other means so that his or her life will be as comfortable as possible with a disability. This could even include a retrofitted house, round the clock care or whatever is needed, for today and the rest of that person's life.

To speak with a caring and experienced lawyer knowledgeable about medication errors, please contact us today. We look forward to listening to what happened and discussing your concerns with you in a free initial consultation.