Making A Claim Against Your Own Insurance

June 15, 2020
Making A Claim Against Your Own Insurance Peel Law Firm

Can you file a claim against your own insurance?

When the person causes an accident and either doesn’t have sufficient insurance or has none at all, you may have to make a claim against your own insurance. I know what you’re thinking.

“This will make my rates go up.”

“This will cause them to cancel me.”

“This will be bad in some way.”

Actually, none of those things are true.

In fact, Tennessee state law strictly forbids any reprisal against an insured for making this kind of claim. And honestly, insurance companies aren’t worried about this kind of claim. These are a no-fault claim. They’re worried about at-fault claims. It’s different if you get a DUI, or you get flagged for doing 120 in a 30.

Your uninsured motorist or UIM is there to pay for any acts of any liable motorist who is improperly insured. That’s why you pay the premiums.

I recently had a case where a lady was hit by someone who only had $25,000 in coverage. As loyal readers know that is the minimum in Tennessee for liability and has been since Elvis died. It’s not nearly enough.

At first, she didn’t want to make a claim against her insurance but after we discussed it, she chose to do so. We are now at six-figure settlement potential. Remember that any money paid will be tax-free to her as well.

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