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March 31, 2017
Ability To Learn

The Ability To Learn

The other day, I was priming and painting racks to be reinstalled on my four-wheeler. While I was wearing headphones connected to my phone, I was not listening to music. Instead, I was listening to a podcast about the development of atomic weapons.

I know that may sound boring, and to some people it may be, but I really enjoyed learning more about them. I still recall a comment that a scientist made about the hydrogen bomb, saying that it essentially was “taking a slice of the sun and bringing it down to the earth’s surface”

Now while that may not be something that you care to learn about, there is a podcast for literally every interest under the sun. Now if you are not very tech savvy, podcasts are essentially like little radio shows that you can access whenever you’re ready to listen to them. On an iPhone, the little purple application allows you to store any podcast you wish to listen to. You can subscribe to them so that they are automatically loaded and ready to play at a moments notice.

To me, this is one of the truly great things about technology. And I podcast shows about everything from architecture to crime stories and history to economics and preaching from Dr. Rogers to JD Greer.

It has been said that we live in an “on demand culture” and podcasting is certainly part of that. If you have never bothered to look at what available podcasts are out there, go to the App Store and take a look around. Search for anything that you are interested in, from knuckleballs to needlepoint it’s probably there.

And, after a few months of this, if you come out to be a better educated, more well-rounded, more well read, more interesting person, you can thank your favorite lawyer.

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