Insurance Adjuster Recommends a Lawyer

June 30, 2017
Insurance Adjuster

A Fair Insurance Adjuster?

I know, it doesn’t make sense. You probably did not think you read that right.

But it just happened again. Yet another insurance adjuster has secretly told an injured person that they will never get treated fairly unless they’re represented.

I’ve been in this business for more than two decades, but it rarely happens when the insurance adjuster actually whispers to the injured party to go get a lawyer who does this type of work. In a sense, it renews a little about faith in humanity. Also, it confirms what I always say, “that serious injuries need representation.”

And after all, if they’re going to be so fair, and bend over backwards, and pay you for everything that’s happened, then why should they be threatened by an attorney to assure that happens?

If I’m going to be fair with someone I don’t care who reads the document. They’ll come back and say, “yes, he’s being fair with you just like he said.” But I suppose if I was trying to get past someone then I wouldn’t want anyone to read anything.

Many of the insurance adjusters that I have the pleasure of dealing with are very straight up people. They take seriously the obligation that lies in front of them and they do an adequate job meeting that challenge.

But more and more often, we’re dealing with out-of-town adjusters who handle five states at a time, and are under significant pressure, it appears, to settle even cheaper than what is often customary.

I have people come to my office who have $7000.00 in medical bills and they’re only offered $250.00 cash on top of the bills. Now that I think about it maybe I should send a thank you note to those adjusters because they pretty well pushed him into my office!

Most of the folks to come to hire me don’t really want to sue or look for these sorts of things. As they often say, ”we’re not the suing type but sometimes it’s impossible to be treated properly without someone to get you through it.”

I have practiced long enough to have adjusters send clients to me. Long enough to have other lawyers send clients directly to me. Long enough to have doctors and even other lawyers hire me to handle their personal cases

But many of them tell me the stories of the first time they had a claim. It usually goes like this “I was young and I didn’t really know I was hurt as a bad as I was. I was busy in school and had to work and I didn’t go back to the doctor. When the insurance company offered me $300 I thought that was awesome! I did not even know I would get any money. It was only later that I found that I need to have the reconstruction surgery. I learned then not to get in a hurry and always get advice from both your doctor and your lawyer.”

Anyone can learn from experience. But wisdom is avoiding having to go through that experience to begin with.

Mr. Peel seeks justice for those injured in motorcycle, truck and car accidents, disability and medical malpractice. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.

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