7 Tips From An Injury Lawyer

April 18, 2019
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7 Tips From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Blue lights at night?

If you are pulled over, stay in your car unless told differently. Roll down all tinted windows and put your hands on the top of your steering wheel. Allow the police officer to be in control of the stop for both of your safety. If you have your handgun in the vehicle, be especially cautious. Answer questions. And, do not just say “gun” right off, as that is alarming. Ask permission to reach and be ready to stop if ordered.

Insurance please?

The law requires proof of auto insurance. Usually you keep a current insurance card in your vehicle or on your person. It’s quite accessible if you clip it to the visor, or under your visor mirror.

Keep Right

Since intersections are the place of most accidents, you may wish to avoid them whenever you can. But since you must transverse them, try to avoid left turns. It’s safer and actually saves gas.

Before a crash

Put a bag in your trunk with a flashlight, a blanket, some bottled water and other items you might find handy if you are ever stranded.

During a crash

Our instinct is to brace ourselves. In an impact, that is unlikely to help but often hurts. It would take a world of willpower to go limp, lay your head back and pull in your arms like a mummy if you know you’re going to be rear-ended, but it really can help. The looseness is thought to be the reason why drunks often come through crashes without injuries. 

After a crash

Get witness names or make sure someone does. Do not assume they will stay and talk to investigators. Often, they do not. If you or someone can just get a photo of their car tag number, we can find them later.

Following the crash

Accept medical care. The forces of an impact can leave you with problems that are not entirely obvious at first. I have clients walking at the scene that actually had serious fractures. Adrenaline is amazing. But it’s good to get the x-rays out of the way early on.
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