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Were you riding as a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident? Whether the accident was caused by the driver of the car you were in or by another driver, you may have a viable claim as an injured passenger. With help from David Peel, you can obtain the compensation required to address your injuries and losses.

Located in Millington, Tennessee, our law firm protects the rights of injured passengers. Our skilled Millington car accident attorney can identify driver liability and help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages. Talk to our law firm today.

Hurt as a Passenger? Let’s Talk About Your Options.

If you were injured as a passenger, you need a skilled Millington injured passenger lawyer who can navigate the complexities of your claim. For example, you may need to pursue an uninsured motorist claim. In this type of claim, you would recover money from your own insurance company. We also handle third-party subrogation issues that arise in dealings with your health insurance. We strive to maximize the compensation you receive.

Fatal Car Accidents

If your loved one was killed as a passenger in a car, we extend our condolences. We can assist you and your family in pursuing a wrongful death claim. We understand the emotions you are experiencing at this time and provide the compassionate, effective legal help you need.

At the Peel Law Firm, we want our clients to feel reassured and know that their case is in good hands. We will explain what we are doing, explain where we are in the process and help you through any decisions you need to make.

Discuss Your Concerns With a Knowledgeable Millington Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you are an injured passenger, please call the Peel Law Firm to discuss the matter. You pay no attorney’s fees unless we win on your behalf. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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