I’m Not a Sue-Happy Person

December 12, 2017

Many people have not made injury claims

I hear people say to me that they are not a “sue-happy” person every week.

We all know the kind that they’re talking about. They’ve had six or seven cases, some of dubious types of facts. 

In fact, the people who come to me for the most part are folks who have never even considered the idea of making any type of injury claim. They find the whole idea of that off putting. Sometimes it’s due to their faith, and other times just due to the idea that bad things happen sometimes.

Following an accident, insurance companies have adjusters contact the parties and record statements. Technically, they do not have to tell you that they are recording you. You should assume that they are. 

In what appears to be another trend, I’ve had folks contact me who have had accidents in the last three weeks, where they haven’t even gotten referred to a specialist yet, and they already have offers from the insurance company with some sense of urgency attached to them. As if it will require them to make that decision right away.

In the state of Tennessee you have one year to file a lawsuit if necessary. In Arkansas and Mississippi it’s even longer.

So, with that in mind, what is the hurry?

The hurry is that if you wait and go to good doctors, and meet with an attorney, you might find out what your case is really worth. And ironically, that first adjuster will no longer be on it once they get a letter from me. 

In general, if you feel rushed to make a decision, it’s almost always a bad one.  If you believe you or a family member is injured following an accident, seek medical treatment and get some good advice. There is no rush. At least not on the side of the injured person. 

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