How Would You Handle Lost Wages After An Injury?

September 18, 2018
lost wages

Injury Compensation For Lost Wages

The pain of suffering injury due to a careless driver is not always simply physical. Often times, financial stresses multiply the damages and effects of such a collision.

Today, fewer and fewer jobs provide short-term disability which kicks in just after the inability to work for a week or two. Long-term disability programs often do nothing for the first 60 to 90 days.

What if you are injured at the hands of another, and you must come up with co-pays and deductibles, all the while hurting, and having let’s say two months without any income from your job? What would you do?

Lost wages and the loss of earning capacity are elements of an injury case that can be sought by an injury attorney. Unfortunately, they are not paid as you go but only at the end of the case when it settles or a verdict is reached. Sometimes clients need to get advance payments from outside services against their lawsuit just to survive.

So, if you were injured and suffering lost wages, time is not on your side. You cannot afford to wait on an insurance company to starve you and your family out and lose everything.  Get help sooner rather than later.

For some tips that might assist before the injury occurs:

  • Short term disability insurance is sometimes available through your work and is usually available privately from AFLAC or other similar services.
  • “Poor man’s disability insurance” is what I call pre-paying some of your bills so that you could survive 60 days without as much income. For instance, you can pay the same amount on your utility bill every month directly and build up a pretty nice credit balance in a fairly short time. Then, if something happens and there’s no income for two months, no one can shut your power off.
  • While it’s always better to drive a paid for car and not pay notes, if you do carry financing on a vehicle, be sure you have purchased gap insurance to pay off the car in the event it is destroyed. Usually cars finance for more than their actually worth once they’re being driven.
  • And check your insurance policy. Make sure that you have plenty of uninsured motorist coverage, I recommend 100,000 or more, and you can carry medical payments coverage that you can use to pay medical bills following an accident which may prevent your cash resources from being drained as fast.
  • Finally, if there is an accident, how you handle the first couple weeks really matters. I would not recommend giving statements to the opposing insurance company. I would immediately treat whatever funds I have as emergency funds and only use what is necessary going forward to get the medical care I needed and to keep the power on. Just about everything else can wait, including past medical bills. You can work with them later, but you need to get healed up from an accident sooner rather than later if at all possible.

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