How To Handle Settlement Offers From Insurance Companies

September 25, 2018
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Settlement Offers From Insurance Companies

Sometimes the insurance company person is very kind and seems concerned about your condition. They assure you that they’re going to take care of everything. They tell you to just send in the information and they’ll be glad to process everything. Sometimes months go by. For whatever reason, they say they didn’t get the information you sent in three different ways and four different times.

You find yourself going and gathering bills in the way that they want the bills to be listed. You find yourself having to sign more forms to allow them to see every doctor you’ve ever seen in your life. They want to send your company a letter. They want to know if you’ve had psychological treatment.

Often you feel that this is a one-way street. That you were providing all the information doing all the legwork and doing all while suffering with your injury while the insurance company continues to string you along. Now while some insurance company representatives are ethical, unfortunately, what I’m describing is all too common.

Sometimes, at the last possible minute, you finally get the offer they been promising for eight months. And the offer is your medical bills plus $500. And you are incensed!  This is what you’ve waited on? This is why you went and got three different sets of medical records and faxed to them from Kinko’s? This is what you left so many messages for them while they were out on vacation and out for maternity leave?

And is it a fair offer? What are you to compare that to? I mean you’re not trying to be greedy and retire on an accident? But at the same time, there’s been real pain, suffering, and inconvenience as a result of what happened. That’s got to be worth something more than $500, right?

Realize that this may be your only accident case to ever deal with in your life. Realize that the adjuster that’s assigned to you has 300 cases sitting on their desk or actually in their computer, and that’s why they can’t look you up by name they have to look you up by a claim number. So, you are a number to them. You are part of a profit and loss statement.

I review settlement offers for free in my office. I’ve been doing this for 22 years and I have only told I think three individuals to take the offer that was on the table. That is three out of who knows how many?

Insurance companies generally deny and delay and under pay. And frankly that makes them more profitable. While there are rare exceptions, I think they are just that.

Elements of damages from an accident can include, medical bills, paying back your health insurance for the part of the medical bills they paid called subrogation, lost wages, or lost earnings capacity, pain and suffering, emotional impact, loss of marital relationship and companionship called consortium, loss of ability to enjoy life, permanent injuries, and future medical care, among other things.

No not every case is a big case. It is my prayer that you never experience cases that are worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. The cases that I’ve handled on those ranges represent people who have had their lives literally turned upside down. But, if you don’t feel qualified to consider the different levels and amounts of damages, then I would not recommend you evaluating your own settlement offers. Often times, people will take money for their deductible and co-pay amounts thinking their medical bills are taken care of. Only later do they get a letter indicating that they have to now pay their health insurance back for everything your health insurance paid. And the insurance company won’t have any mercy for the fact that you handled your own case and you didn’t know that was your health insurance’s policy. And they can refuse to pay any future bills under the policy even though you’re paying the premiums.

Since doctors don’t operate on themselves, I would not recommend you trying to be an attorney with significant injury, unless you have significant training and experience in that regard. And remember the settlement offers are reviewed for free with no cost, no risk, no obligation.

Mr. Peel seeks justice for those injured in motorcycle, truck and car accidents, disability and medical malpractice. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.

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