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Perhaps the biggest myth regarding a homeowner's claim is that the homeowner is automatically at fault when another person is injured on his or her property. If you were injured on someone else's property, the homeowner may be at fault. It must be proven that the premises owner had knowledge of whatever condition caused the accident and that an act or omission on the homeowner's part led to the accident.

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Examples of Homeowners' Liability

Let's consider two examples of an accident that could occur on a neighbor's property.

  • In the first example, you were walking across your neighbor's yard. It was a dark, rainy night. Your neighbor's porch light was burnt out, and you could not see. You did not know the neighbor was digging a trench for his or her invisible fencing, your neighbor did not warn you there was a trench in the yard, the neighbor did not replace the burnt out light bulb. You tripped walking through the trench and injured your back. In this example, the homeowner had negligent lighting, knew about two dangerous conditions — the burnt out light bulb and the trench — and did not warn you about the condition. In this example, you would most likely have a viable premises liability claim.
  • In the second example, you were walking across your neighbor's yard, having spent a few hours helping him or her dig a trench for invisible fencing. You tripped walking through the trench and injured your back. In this example, you were aware of the trench and would most likely not have a viable premises liability claim.

While the above are just two examples, they clearly explain the difference between when a property owner has been negligent and when he or she has not.

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