Scam Proof Your Family

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scam proof your family

The Nigerian Prince scam is still around because it still works. It’s amazing really. It is so effective they purposefully misspell words to lessens its appeal and to only focus on the more gullible. A simple Google search would eviscerate … Read More

Motorcycles Are Still Dangerous

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Motorcycles Are Still Dangerous

As the temperatures warm up, motorcycles will again be coursing up and down our streets and along our interstates. While I am not anti-motorcycle by any means, they are so inherently dangerous that I always feel the need to warn … Read More

Top 5 Most Common Legal Mistakes

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common legal mistakes

The truth is joint property does not change at the death of one owner. But solely owned assets are only a child’s share to the spouse, but no less than 1/3. Having a will eliminates this and other issues. Then, … Read More

Out Of Date Insurance?


Out Of Date Insurance? Call David Peel

Do You Still Have 1977’s Car Insurance? In 1977, Star Wars is big and the King, Elvis Presley, dies at just 42. Jimmy Carter is elected, and the TV Mini Series “Roots” is aired. NASA is now testing the new … Read More

A City Without Street Signs?

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street signs

The coming wave of autonomous cars, if things go as predicted, will make many drastic changes: But a change that follows this revolution may not come immediately to mind: the extinction of the street sign. Autonomous vehicles have no need … Read More

What If You Have No Heirs?

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Accidents happen. I see it every day. Planning for our own passing is not fun, but needful. You can write a will leaving your property to pretty well anyone you wish…children, grandkids, etc. But what if you don’t have any … Read More

PTSD From Accidents

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When you listen to songs from your childhood , you’ll find that the melodies take you back to your youth.   When you smell hot apple pie, you might remember grandmother’s house.   When “Magic Carpet Ride” plays, I’m back in the … Read More

Hard To Believe

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When you have taken as many depositions as I have, you hear people swear to some pretty unbelievable things: I get it. People lie all the time. But, I still am amused that they lie under oath to the guy … Read More