What If You Have No Heirs?

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Accidents happen. I see it every day. Planning for our own passing is not fun, but needful. You can write a will leaving your property to pretty well anyone you wish…children, grandkids, etc. But what if you don’t have any … Read More

PTSD From Accidents

@peellawfirmAuto Accidents


When you listen to songs from your childhood , you’ll find that the melodies take you back to your youth.   When you smell hot apple pie, you might remember grandmother’s house.   When “Magic Carpet Ride” plays, I’m back in the … Read More

Hard To Believe

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When you have taken as many depositions as I have, you hear people swear to some pretty unbelievable things: I get it. People lie all the time. But, I still am amused that they lie under oath to the guy … Read More

Do You Use Faulty Arguments?

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An astounding amount of arguments that are made for different positions do not follow logical rules. If you want to persuade someone try never to fall into these examples: “It’s popular so it’s right” or “majority rules”. (Appeal to Populous)  … Read More


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Around the holidays there is a bit of a paradox. Everyone is excited for kids and grandkids to open presents. But it’s also a time where widows miss their husbands.  Grief is a strange process.  Having buried quite a few … Read More