Settling Injury Cases For Children

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settling injury cases for children

As the father of three, I especially enjoy working with children who are recovering from injuries from accidents. Tennessee requires children’s cases to be court approved to be final and binding. (a) Notwithstanding any other law or rule to the … Read More


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Murphy's law

I am constantly attending–and occasionally speaking at–legal seminars and symposiums to become more accomplished in my areas of injury law. I heard about a case that so illustrates the so-called, “Murphy’s Law.” That is our name for the idea that … Read More

Safety In Everyday Life

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Safety everyday life

According to the Report on Injuries in America, 2003, Published as part of Injury Facts®, 2004 edition, by the National Safety Council, there were about 27 million visits to hospital emergency departments for injuries. About 20.7 million injuries resulted in … Read More