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The View From My Chair

David Peel Keeping Your Family Safe

After more than two decades of handling catastrophic injury, disability and cases of wrongful death, I have seen quite a bit. In my role, I have gained insights into innumerable families, situations and tragedies. Generally speaking, I’ve noticed a few …

scam proof your family

Scam Proof Your Family

@peellawfirm Keeping Your Family Safe

The Nigerian Prince scam is still around because it still works. It’s amazing really. It is so effective they purposefully misspell words to lessens its appeal and to only focus on the more gullible. A simple Google search would eviscerate …



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Around the holidays there is a bit of a paradox. Everyone is excited for kids and grandkids to open presents. But it’s also a time where widows miss their husbands.  Grief is a strange process.  Having buried quite a few …