Gambling On Death Peel Law Firm Memphis

Gambling On Death

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“Would your wife like $100,000, or just a tuna casserole?” – Sign seen in a life insurance office. Life insurance in a very real sense is you betting you will die early, and the company betting you will live. How …

5 Ways Not to Get Sued

5 Ways Not to Get Sued

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Having a claim made against you for an accident or injury is terrible on two fronts:  Number one and I hope most importantly, the regret that one feels when someone has injured another human being through an accidental act or …

Out Of Date Insurance? Call David Peel

Out Of Date Insurance?

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Do You Still Have 1977’s Car Insurance? In 1977, Star Wars is big and the King, Elvis Presley, dies at just 42. Jimmy Carter is elected, and the TV Mini Series “Roots” is aired. NASA is now testing the new …

beware of checks in the mail

Beware Of Checks In The Mail

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Think Twice About Checks In The MailA lawyer was sharing about a man who was in an accident where he was injured. Just Nine (9) days following the impact, an insurance company sent him a check for $1,000. Out of …