Out Of Date Insurance?


Out Of Date Insurance? Call David Peel

Do You Still Have 1977’s Car Insurance? In 1977, Star Wars is big and the King, Elvis Presley, dies at just 42. Jimmy Carter is elected, and the TV Mini Series “Roots” is aired. NASA is now testing the new … Read More

What Is The Modern Way To Crash Test Cars?

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crash test

For years the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tested cars in very simple scenarios. One was literally driving head on into a flat wall at 15 mph.  Their current scenarios are much more real world. Frontal Crash Test Scenario: You are … Read More

Insurance offers to settle

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Many times a client will be offered something by an insurance company prior to hiring me. The other day I met with a new client who had been offered $1000.00 pain and suffering for an accident that happened only about … Read More

Beware Of Checks In The Mail


beware of checks in the mail

A lawyer was sharing about a man who was in an accident where he was injured. Just Nine (9) days following the impact, an insurance company sent him a check for $1,000. Out of work, he could use the money. … Read More

Don’t sit by the Window

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You may have never thought about being in danger sitting in your local coffee shop or restaurant. You may have never considered being at risk stopping at a convenience store or shopping center.  But the hazard that I’m speaking about … Read More