Tax Free Money

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Physical Injury Compensation is one of the only areas of finance that is not taxed.  Proceeds received from most personal injury claims are not taxable under any law—federal or state law. This is because this it is not “income.” Remember … Read More

Types of Lawyers

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Much like the medical profession, the legal profession is allocated into lawyers who focus on certain type of legal matters. The way I would define the basic types include the following: Plaintiff injury attorneys that do the things that I … Read More

Changing Your Name

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Tennessee is one of the easiest states to change your name. You do not have to return to your place of birth in order to do so. You merely must be a resident in the county in which you file … Read More

The Secrets Behind Legal Terms

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Legal Terms

If you want you watch TV like Law and Order or classic movies like Witness For the Prosecution, you will have heard quite a few legal terms. For instance, the witness is sworn in by holding up their right hand … Read More

The Wisdom of a Fisherman

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Fisherman's Wisdom

Once upon a time there was wealthy business tycoon. He lived in the Big City in a penthouse and controlled many businesses, ports and ships. He was a billionaire. He was featured on business magazines and his success and his … Read More

She Burned The Money

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Burned the Money

This case is one of the strangest I have ever run across in my research. I thought you would find it interesting. Mr. and Mrs. Evans resided in Clinton, Kentucky, where they banked with the Clinton Bank. In late 1985, … Read More