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The Shirts Melted

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What If Today’s Generation was raised like my grandfather? After my grandfather died, we were helping my grandmother clean out his closet. At the top of his closet, near the hot light bulb, we beheld an amazing sight. Stacked neatly …

Assumptions Are Dangerous Peel Law Firm

Assumptions Are Dangerous 

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If You Assume, You Better Be Right In injury cases, we often hear that the injured party thought someone was going to stop at the light. Or they assume they were going to go ahead and take a left turn. …

a more eternal view peel law firm


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Having An Eternal View During The Pandemic Understandably, there is a lot of fear in the world right now. This fear may loom even larger depending—at least in part–on the view of this world one takes.  Having an eternal view …

Uncertain Times Peel Law Firm Millington, TN

Uncertain Times

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COVID-19 has ushered in uncertain times—-not experienced by anyone who is currently alive. The Spanish flu of 1918 taught us lessons that apparently have been largely forgotten. Back then, we learned that masks of any kind help, and filtered masks …

Ask A Lawyer Peel Law Firm

The Rating of Lawyers

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Capitalism Leads To Charitable Giving People understand now that picking a lawyer should not be based on who has the best repeated TV commercials. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a rating system where other lawyers actually secretly rated …

Justice, Fairness And Equality

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Is there a difference between justice, fairness and equality? What is the difference between justice, fairness and equality? Make sure you choose your words carefully. Attorney David Peel provides his insight into these commonly misinterpreted areas. Mr. Peel and his …

A Lawyer Looks at Socialism

A Lawyer Looks at Socialism 

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Capitalism Leads To Charitable Giving The reason people are coming across our southern border in droves whenever they can is to get to our land of opportunity. Capitalism, not socialism, has built this country to be the unmatched super power …

Cars Versus Physics Peel Law Firm

Cars Versus Physics

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According to Newton’s first law of physics, an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force. In my injury practice, that outside force is often another …

Tractor Trailer Facts Peel Law Firm

Tractor Trailer Facts

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Common Tractor Trailer Facts For You to consider My most significant cases I’ve been against have been tractor trailer companies for terrible catastrophic crashes. Here are some interesting facts that I’ve picked up over the years: The weight of a loaded …

Tennessee Dog Bite Law Peel Law Firm

Tennessee Dog Bite Law

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Tennessee Dog Bite Law Updates Tennessee Law now has two distinct categories of standards when it comes to dog bites or attacks: For attacks that happen on the dog’s owner’s property or a place the pet should be: the claimant …

Peel Law Firm Real ID

Real ID Controversy

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Tennessee’s Real I.D. Controversy REAL ID compliant driver licenses have a gold circle with a star in the right corner of the license to indicate it is a compliant “REAL ID”. Driver’s licenses are issued by each state. The federal …

Why Are They Asking That

Why Are They Asking That? 

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In civil litigation such as injury cases, we routinely receive written questions called Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents from the insurance counsel defending the at-fault driver. Every time we receive a set of these documents, commonly called written …