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Brain injuries can result from car crashes where no cut or bruise is on the head.   The violent jerking of a rear-end collision, for example, can imitate the well-known “shaken baby syndrome.” Diagnostic tests typically will not show any changes … Read More

Accident Rehab Insights

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Don’t be fooled by “accident therapists” or “accident rehabs” who make contact after an accident, says Peel Law Firm founder and attorney David Peel in this interview. A Millington injury lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, Peel explains … Read More

Don’t sit by the Window

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You may have never thought about being in danger sitting in your local coffee shop or restaurant. You may have never considered being at risk stopping at a convenience store or shopping center.  But the hazard that I’m speaking about … Read More

I’m Not a Sue-Happy Person

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I hear people say to me that they are not a “sue-happy” person every week. We all know the kind that they’re talking about. They’ve had six or seven cases, some of dubious types of facts.  In fact, the people … Read More