Peel Eyewitnesses And Liars

Eyewitnesses and Liars

David Peel Auto Accidents

As an injury attorney for almost 25 years, I have taken more depositions and testimony of eyewitnesses than I care to remember. It is surprising to many how the stories of parties or eyewitnesses often vary from one another. When …

Making Semis Safer

Making Semis Safer?

David Peel Auto Accidents

MAKING SEMIS SAFER? My biggest cases monetarily have been trucking crashes. Fully loaded 18 wheelers weigh around 80,000 lbs. compared to your 3,500 lbs. car. In a recent article called “Navigating Through the Era of Reptile Theory” Edwin S. Norris, …

Don't Dodge Deer Peel Law Firm

Don’t Dodge Deer

David Peel Auto Accidents

This is the time of year I remind you and yours to watch out for deer during their mating season, known as the “rut.” Deer become single-minded during their romantic season, and are unlikely to notice your car.  The same …

street signs

A City Without Street Signs?

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The coming wave of autonomous cars, if things go as predicted, will make many drastic changes: But a change that follows this revolution may not come immediately to mind: the extinction of the street sign. Autonomous vehicles have no need …


PTSD From Accidents

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When you listen to songs from your childhood , you’ll find that the melodies take you back to your youth.   When you smell hot apple pie, you might remember grandmother’s house.   When “Magic Carpet Ride” plays, I’m back in the …