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David Peel Auto Accidents

As an injury attorney, we conduct depositions regularly. In a deposition, the deponent is sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Each word, including every question and every answer, is taken down by a …


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How Do Airbags Help? Dodgers stadium holds 56,000 fans. It is estimated that even more people than that have been saved by automotive airbags, just since 1987. A reminder of physics: An object in motion has mass and velocity, creating …

Hit And Run Car Accidents In Tennessee

zpopiez Auto Accidents

Q. What if you get shoved off the road by a motorist who never even stops? Tennessee law is very specific about how you can recover from your Uninsured Motorists (UM) Insurance Coverage on your car in the event of …

Texting While Driving Peel Law Firm

Texting While Driving 

David Peel Auto Accidents, Keeping Your Family Safe

The New Era Of Car Accident Causes If you are rear ended there’s a good chance that texting and driving is to blame. 20 years ago, when I first started practicing injury law, rear end accidents looked pretty well the …

Peel Eyewitnesses And Liars

Eyewitnesses and Liars

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Facts Are Easily Forgotten As an injury attorney for almost 25 years, I have taken more depositions and testimony of eyewitnesses than I care to remember. It is surprising to many how the stories of parties or eyewitnesses often vary …

Making Semis Safer

Making Semis Safer?

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My biggest cases monetarily have been trucking crashes. Fully loaded 18 wheelers weigh around 80,000 lbs. compared to your 3,500 lbs. car. In a recent article called “Navigating Through the Era of Reptile Theory” Edwin S. Norris, J.D., Manager of …

Don't Dodge Deer Peel Law Firm

Don’t Dodge Deer

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This is the time of year I remind you and yours to watch out for deer during their mating season, known as the “rut.” Deer become single-minded during their romantic season, and are unlikely to notice your car.  The same …

Hidden Car Accident Injuries

Seven Hidden Car Accident Injuries

@peellawfirm Auto Accidents

After a car crash, you may be able to walk around and feel little more than “tightness.” But, the next 2 days, you may be unable to even get out of bed! No one is more surprised than you. Of …

Pain And Suffering

What is Pain and Suffering Worth?

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How much should you be compensated for Pain and suffering? It may seem strange to ask what value to assign to pain and suffering, yet it is a major component of personal injury cases.  Over the years, great trial lawyers …