What Your Auto Insurance Actually Covers

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Who: your policy covers you, the members of your household, and usually anyone else you give permission to drive the car. Others: Liability insurance Liability insurance pays for damage and injuries you or your car cause to others in accidents. Two … Read More

PTSD From Accidents

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When you listen to songs from your childhood , you’ll find that the melodies take you back to your youth.   When you smell hot apple pie, you might remember grandmother’s house.   When “Magic Carpet Ride” plays, I’m back in the … Read More

What Is The Modern Way To Crash Test Cars?

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For years the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tested cars in very simple scenarios. One was literally driving head on into a flat wall at 15 mph.  Their current scenarios are much more real world. Frontal Crash Test Scenario: You are … Read More