Gambling On Death Peel Law Firm Memphis

Gambling On Death

David Peel Insurance

“Would your wife like $100,000, or just a tuna casserole?” – Sign seen in a life insurance office. Life insurance in a very real sense is you betting you will die early, and the company betting you will live. How …

Insurance Company Takes Odd Stance Peel Law Firm Memphis

Insurance Company Takes Odd Stance

David Peel General Law

The story you are about to hear is real.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Imagine that you are driving around a sweeping curve through a treed, rural area. A guardrail hugs the right side of the …

The Hidden Injury Car Accident Peel Law Firm Millington

The Hidden Injury

David Peel Keeping Your Family Safe

What Is “Loss Of Consortium”? If you are injured, is your spouse also hurt?  In a sense, yes. As modern spouses, most of us generally try to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of one another. The term for …

Crash Myths Peel Law Firm

Crash Myths

David Peel General Law

Myths About Crashes There are many things that people believe to be true and are surprised to learn are actually myths when it comes to car crashes.  Crash Myth #1Who gets the ticket determines the fault This one may be …

One Sentence Stories Hemingway Peel Law Firm

One Sentence Stories

David Peel General Law

Hemingway famously once won a bet that he could write a complete story in just six words. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He won the bet. It is said he later called it his best work. Should Christians Sue? …


@peellawfirm Auto Accidents

How Do Airbags Help? Dodgers stadium holds 56,000 fans. It is estimated that even more people than that have been saved by automotive airbags, just since 1987. A reminder of physics: An object in motion has mass and velocity, creating …

storytelling Peel Law Firm


David Peel General Law

How you tell the story matters The most powerful way to persuade and inform is a story. Your childhood is made up of stories: “the class bully,” “that crazy thing we did,” or “prom night.”  We all have them. In …

Get A Lawyer Peel Law Firm Memphis Millington

Get A Lawyer

@peellawfirm Medical Malpractice

DOC SAID “GET A LAWYER” Not every single time that malpractice is committed will a nurse or doctor whisper to you to seek out a lawyer. But just about every time a nurse or–especially–a doctor, tells you to seek counsel, …

Real Man In Real World Peel Law Firm Memphis

A Real Man?

@peellawfirm Faith

Lately, there is some political correctness that ridicules “toxic masculinity.” I believe there is actually a lack of real masculinity. And it causes problems. While it may not be a popular view among the talking heads on TV, out here …

Hit And Run Car Accidents In Tennessee

zpopiez Auto Accidents

Q. What if you get shoved off the road by a motorist who never even stops? Tennessee law is very specific about how you can recover from your Uninsured Motorists (UM) Insurance Coverage on your car in the event of …

Cars Ate The Horses Peel Law Firm

Cars ate the horses

@peellawfirm General Law

Sometimes a look backward can provide a vision of the future. In 1894, top thinkers were very concerned about how to deal with all the horse manure in cities. There’s only so much fertilizer that can be used and just …

Are Your Mirrors Wrong Peel Law Firm Millington

Are Your Mirrors Wrong?

@peellawfirm General Law

Do you trust your side mirrors? Most people have their side mirrors pointed to see along the side of their car. That is helpful when parking or making sure you are clearing a garage door or shopping cart. This will …