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How you tell the story matters The most powerful way to persuade and inform is a story. Your childhood is made up of stories: “the class bully,” “that crazy thing we did,” or “prom night.”  We all have them. In …

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Get A Lawyer

@peellawfirm Medical Malpractice

DOC SAID “GET A LAWYER” Not every single time that malpractice is committed will a nurse or doctor whisper to you to seek out a lawyer. But just about every time a nurse or–especially–a doctor, tells you to seek counsel, …

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A Real Man?

@peellawfirm Faith

Lately, there is some political correctness that ridicules “toxic masculinity.” I believe there is actually a lack of real masculinity. And it causes problems. While it may not be a popular view among the talking heads on TV, out here …

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Are Your Mirrors Wrong?

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Do you trust your side mirrors? Most people have their side mirrors pointed to see along the side of their car. That is helpful when parking or making sure you are clearing a garage door or shopping cart. This will …

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A Medical Malpractice Example

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What Medical Malpractice Means Literally malpractice means bad or poor practices. Practically speaking in Tennessee, they can be very tough cases. In order to successfully prove an actionable case of medical malpractice case in Tennessee you must prove the standard …

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Getting Sued For Loaning Out Your Car

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Loaning Out Your Car? You Could Get Sued In Tennessee, your car insurance follows along as the first and primary liability of anyone driving your car with your permission. In some cases, there can be a personal action against the …

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Avoiding Scams And Con-Men

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Scams continue because crooks can gain your confidence. That is where the “con” in con-men comes from. Here are some to beware of, and make sure you warn the vulnerable, who maybe an “easy mark.” Common Scams Debunked The “Nigerian …

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Broken Escalators Are Not Stairs

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The general public does not understand that stopped escalators are not to be used as stairs. A broken escalator should always be barricaded. The leading type of escalator accident, as with stairs, is losing your balance and falling (per the …

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Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff

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Sadly, virtually nobody wants the prized possessions of their grandparents and parents anymore. This is hard for me to understand, as I am the sentimental keeper of stuff in our family. But this is true and we need to plan …

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Probate Facts

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Common Probate Facts Probate court is not usually a fight.Those are very rare. Probate is also not expensive as you have heard.If the example that one looks at is Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, or Marilyn Monroe, you would assume the …

Would You Cut Off Your Leg Peel Law Firm Millington

Would You Cut Off Your Leg?

David Peel Keeping Your Family Safe

Everything in you screams “No!” Assume though, you have been in a motorcycle accident. Your leg was literally shredded. Surgeons have knitted it back together so that it gets blood supply. But this recovery is going to be a marathon, …