Help For Back and Neck Pain

November 6, 2018
back and neck pain

Pain in the back and neck is one of the most common maladies.

Just about all my clients had neck and back pain in addition to whatever other injuries sustained in their accident.

Pain in the back and neck is one of the most common maladies. Here are some helpful home products, in addition to medical care, therapist and medications, that some of my clients have had success with over the years.

Cervical pillows: These tend to have a roll that increases the curve of the neck and a depression for the head to go into. Some also sleep with a rolled-up towel underneath your neck to stretch the spine.

Inversion tables: When properly adjusted these gently stretch the entire spine using gravity. Most people do not go entirely upside down, but simply tilt backwards to allow the spine to decompress. 

Home massagers: there are now heated shiatsu massager’s that can work out knots and spasms.

Heating pads: tried and true. Some even have timers to turn themselves off. 

Heating/cooling rubs and wraps: icy hot, bio-freeze, and similar substances can alternatively cool and heat sore areas. 

Cervical stretch collars: There are now inflatable cervical collars that stretch the neck in a fully adjustable way.

Lumbar supports: Late model cars may have an inflatable lumbar support. But a rolled-up towel or a removable lumbar support can be used anywhere, home office or car. Anything that restores the natural curve to the lumbar area. 

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