Head Injuries Creating The Walking Wounded

October 31, 2017
head injuries

Dangers of Head Injuries

Some head injuries following car accidents and other events are not properly diagnosed.  These folks may be called “the walking wounded.” They have difficulties from the impact that they themselves are unable to appreciate.

Most commonly, we see personality change, irritability, inability to focus, memory problems, and in general people saying, “he’s just not who he used to be.”

Sometimes there are physical manifestations, such as slurred speech, vision problems such as blurry vision or double vision, or even twitches.

This type of head injury is known as Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. TBI is classified as either mild or severe. However, even the mild cases, can have severe implications for a person’s family. This is true because the brain determines who we are.

Our likes, our desires, our values, and our very personality all come from discrete portions of the brain. We sometimes refer to that euphemistically as our “heart.” 

If these synapses are sheared in an accident, then personality change and life altering circumstances can result.  

One gentleman I knew was a very busy person and carried three jobs at a time. He always was jingling keys and on the way somewhere else. Following a serious head injury, he became very passive and lethargic.

Eventually he became pretty violent. These changes were so out of character for this gentleman that it was easily traced back to a head injury. However, milder changes may be easier to miss even for medical professionals and families. 

So anytime that there is any type of serious accident where injury to the head could have occurred, it is important to get a full review done and follow up on any significant symptoms.

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