Hard To Believe

January 22, 2019

Believe It Or Not?

When you have taken as many depositions as I have, you hear people swear to some pretty unbelievable things:

  • A race fan who loved NASCAR, but would not agree that 60 Miles per Hour was a Mile a Minute, because his lawyer claimed that would take “doing math.”
  • A man who, when his family was out of town, detailed his truck, bought new clothes and showed up at a woman’s house to pick her up, after 10 pm just because they “wanted to talk.”
  • A woman who actually lived with a man several years ago, but cannot seem to recall his name. Or the address. Or even the name of the street. Or names of any other adult living there.
  • A man who said he only “barely bumped” another vehicle, at no more than 10-15 miles per hour. This “gentle” impact hurt four people and completely totaled his car, including shattering the very windshield he was looking through.

I get it. People lie all the time. But, I still am amused that they lie under oath to the guy who has everything they have ever done right in front of me. But, it no longer surprises me.

However, not every statement under oath that is factually incorrect is really a lie. Most, in fact, are not. Here are some examples:

  • “I went through the green light. I would have never run a red light.” It turns out that a video showed the accident, and she had run a red light, but it was new and she had only seen the green light she had just passed.
  • I am sure the car was green.” It was black.
  • “I have never been to a doctor for my right knee before.” Actually, she had, but was still positive it was her left knee.
  • “I was married in 1999.” Oops. His wife wasn’t there to hear that he missed it by ten years.

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