Gun Control?

February 27, 2018
gun control

My Thoughts On Gun Control

It’s interesting to observe the lines of thought and arguments that accompany the heinous act of a school shooting. 

Here are some observations and questions:

  1. Cost of an idea (e.g., armed guards) is only a consideration if an idea itself is under serious consideration. One should consider effectiveness first, rather than paying for it, as budget priorities are a very different discussion. 
  1. Some imply that “more guns cannot help a gun problem”… so do you want armed or unarmed police to respond?  If armed, didn’t you just contradict yourself? 
  1. In general, in an active shooter situation, would you want a trained armed adult to be:
    A) 12 seconds away?
    B) 12 minutes away? 

  2. Some seem to feel that guns make a “safe space” dangerous. Is that also true at ball games, concerts, banks, award shows and movies as well? They have armed, trained adults. 
  1. Do you believe a Gun Free zone sign has or will stop a murderer? 
  1. If you hear someone say that an AR15 is one of the “most powerful” guns, is an “automatic “ or “assault” rifle, teachers and reporters should cringe.  These are not true and easy to study.  Good Educators would teach us to consider all arguments and research terms properly so we can speak with authority. 
  1. Is the right to be “comfortable” or “feel” safe superior to the fact of being kept safe?
  1. We guard banks, gold, military installations, celebrities, politicians, court houses, social security offices, health departments, with armed trained adults. Do we value these more than children? 

What do you think? 

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