Getting “Published”

August 29, 2017
Getting "Published"

Being Published Is A Bucket List Item

Seeing a book I wrote in print has been a very strange feeling this week. It’s a bit surreal to see something you created now published and listed for sale on

The inspiration for “Two Feet or Ten? Perspectives Matter: What You Don’t See When You Drive” came from speaking with the local community at churches and clubs, as well as my weekly articles that I publish and post to my blog.

Reaction to the book has been very positive. A friend of mine who read it says it takes hard concepts and makes them understandable. Another friend is going to increase his insurance on his car because now he understands better what each auto coverage really does.

A friend of our family is packing a “go bag” right now because of the section on being prepared before something happens. One of their family members has a recently diagnosed heart problem so that really hit home to them.

But the cover picture gets the most reaction. When people realize that those dashes they been driving by all these years are not 2-3 feet long but are considerably longer, a full ten feet, it makes one wonder what else one has missed. That was the inspiration for the title and the cover picture of me standing in the road.

I thought of other ways to illustrate the length of those dashes that we did not try. I could’ve laid down a basketball goal next to one. It would show that the rim being 10 feet off the ground–would be the same length as that stripe.

But ultimately I simply took a one by six piece of lumber that was 10 feet long painted one side white and one side yellow and that became featured for the cover of the book.

It is loyal readers who have inspired this project and for that, I thank you.

If you take a minute to download the Kindle version or even order the paperback and read it, let me know what you think.

Soon, my first effort at fiction will come out. It’s a novel called “Treasure of Solomon.” The publisher calls it a “faith-based action adventure novel.” Anyway, that should be out this fall.

While I am not a John Grisham by any stretch, it does feel good to check these bucket list items of writing books off my list. And if the reaction is positive enough, there will be more.

But I want to thank you readers and friends for your support and encouragement along the way. Let me encourage you: take a risk, try that thing you been worried about, give it a shot, and you may just wind up succeeding.

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